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Electric Fence System Solutions

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VSTORM Solutions is an essential security solution for CAPE TOWN & GAUTENG home and business owners, and when combined with CCTV systems, is an effective way to deter criminal activity and protect your possessions and vehicles.

South Africa is one of the few countries in the world that uses electric fences around domestic properties, whereas most other countries use them primarily for livestock herding and the protection of wildlife sanctuaries. This rather ‘extreme’ form of security is not something that should be attempted by the average person. If you decide to have such a fence installed, Vstorm Solutions in Cape Town has the necessary equipment and skilled contractors.

There are many myths about electric fences and their safety; your installation company can put your mind at ease by educating you and your family on the do’s and don’ts of your new security feature.
Electric fences are extremely popular, and while they may appear to be a significant financial investment at first, it is a proven fact that over time, this addition to your home or business premises can actually save you money in terms of both long-term security options and asset protection.
You will also be relieved to learn that an electric fence does not consume as much electricity as one might expect – it is a very cost-effective installation with VSTORM CAPE TOWN.

Electric fences are susceptible to the elements and other factors that must be checked and monitored on a regular basis to ensure the efficacy and longevity of your new fence. Make an appointment with VSTORM’s team of experts today. You’d be surprised how many electric fences stop working due to a minor issue that can be easily resolved – and long before the owner realizes it has stopped protecting a property in the first place.
We are available for installation and repair. Leave it in the capable hands of VSTORM, and we’ll get you secured, the first time.

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Vstorm Solutions is a specialist service provider in the design, installation and servicing of all electronic security equipment.

As a solutions based company, Vstorm Solutions offers holistic, integrated and outcomes based solutions to protect and monitor people, assets and information through the implementation of technology.

Coupled with the implementation of our solutions we provide a focused approach and outstanding service. Vstorm Solutions will never compromise on our overall integrity, the quality of our solutions or the total commitment to outstanding customer service.